Water for LA Community Partners

To spread the word about the importance of pollution prevention and water conservation in Los Angeles County, Water for LA supports and partners with local and regional organizations that share the same mission: educate the public and foster more sustainable behavior to help ensure the future of the region.

Heal the Bay

Heal the Bay is an environmental nonprofit established in 1985 dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds in Greater Los Angeles safe, healthy and clean. Heal the Bay uses science, education, community action and advocacy to fulfill its mission. The organization is a strong and trusted advocate for Santa Monica Bay, protecting the coastline, restoring waterways and enacting clean water policy to protect public health.

Water for LA partnered with Heal the Bay for its annual Coastal Cleanup Day at Santa Monica Beach to support the cleanup, raise awareness about stormwater pollution and provide attendees with information about how to make small changes to their water use to make a significant impact.

On Saturday, September 23, 2023, more than 5,359 Heal the Bay volunteers gathered across LA County to remove 11,010 pounds of trash and 304 pounds of recyclables from the county’s watersheds, neighborhoods and coastline. Thank you to Heal the Bay for organizing Coastal Cleanup Day 2023!

But as the county urbanized over the past century, we’ve been left with very little undeveloped soil to filter the water. And when rainwater cannot be absorbed into the ground, it’s forced to run off onto urban surfaces, gathering pollution until it’s dumped into our local waterways.